CPAY Mobile

Whether you have a mobile food truck, have a farmers market stand or turn an 8-foot table into an ordering window, CPAY Mobile is always ready to take payments. When you can’t use a traditional credit card terminal, cut the cords and enjoy the convenience of payment processing with CPAY Mobile. Its little card reader fits neatly in your pocket and is compatible with a wide variety of smart phones and devices. Compact and versatile, CPAY Mobile is powering the next generation of secure card acceptance.

Secure and Encrypted

Process transactions safely with end-to-end encryption. Our mobile card reader is PC-DSS certified, which prevents card fraud.

Everything You Need and More

Setup your store, Input Products, Process Sale Transactions, Void a Transaction, Issue Refunds, Collect Tips, Email Receipts

Easy Tips and Signatures

Calculate tip percentages and capture digital signatures, as well as email customer receipts with a few clicks and swipes.

Free Card Reader

Free card reader that fits into a standard 3.5mm headphone jack

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